Enter fluffiness

Welcome to Baccapedia, the new and official wiki for the fluffiest guys in Minecraft!

What's a Bacca?

A Bacca is a famous skin design to make you look like a brown, harry creature. This skin trend was started by famous Youtuber, JeromeASF, and based off of a famous character in the Star Wars franchise, Chewbacca (even though his species is considered a "wookie").

What Does a Bacca Do?

Well, that's what this wiki is for!

How Can You Help?

This wiki is currently under DEEP construction. You can help by fixing errors on pages, expanding stubs, and overall sharing your fluffy knowledge, and having fun with it!


NOTE: You will NOT be excused for breaking the rules if you never even read them. Just because you don't know something is wrong, doesn't excuse you from doing it!

  1. Do not share opinions on articles.

Articles are for information only. Do not type things in pages like "he is awesome" or "these suck". Never address that you are directly talking to sombody, so avoid saying words like "I" or "you" (unless completely necessary). This is a common mistake many people make on wikis like these. If you wish to express your opinion on the wiki, talk about it in discussions like blog posts or forums. Failure to follow this rule will lead to a week long ban each time.

 2.  No bad language or inapropriate discussion.

Failure to follow this rule will lead to a week long ban each time. After too many times, your ban may expand.

3.  Be polite to others.

This wiki is for sharing knowledge and having fun with other users. When in interaction with people, respect each other's opinions, avoid arguments, and try to be friends. Remember also to respect your admins when addressing them, and to listen to what they say. The ban for this failure to follow this rule depends on how serious the case is.

4. No spam/vandalism.

There should be no excuse for this kind of issue. Failure to follow this rule will result in an infinite ban.

5. Have Fun!

Failure to follow this rule leads to an INFINITE BAN!!! (lol, just kidding :)

How to Get Promoted

It is possible on the wiki to become a Rollback or Admin on here. To become one, you must:

  • Be an active editor here. You don't have to visit every day, but just enough so you are a frequent user on the wiki.
  • Follow the rules of the wiki.
  • Be very honest and reliable.